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At Black Rock Construction, Las Cruces’ premier general contractor, we specialize in crafting homes that define luxury, sustainability, and smart living. Our approach to building transcends traditional construction, focusing on futuristic designs that blend artistic vision with practical innovation.

The image contains all the logos of our past clients of Black Rock Development, this includes Hooters, Walmart, Mallorca Investments, Garden Center and Wolfies Creative Studios.
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Commercial Services

Tailoring stunning, functional interiors for homes and offices

Residential Services

Masterfully creating luxurious homes, from initial design to final move-in

Pool Installation & Design

Designing personalized concrete and fiberglass pools to match your desired aesthetic

Landscaping and Design

Crafting dream landscapes to elevate and enrich your outdoor environment

About Us

Exquisite, Energy-Efficient Homes in Harmony with Nature

Our expertise lies in creating energy-efficient homes that offer a perfect balance of comfort and luxury. Using advanced materials like integrated solar panels, Corten steel, and crack-resistant concrete, we ensure each home is a masterpiece of design and durability. Our commitment to using recycled materials and advanced insulation techniques is a testament to our dedication to sustainability.

10+ Years of Experience - Bonded and Insured.

Beyond Building: Your Partner in Comprehensive Home Solutions

As a renowned general contractor, Black Rock Development’s expertise goes beyond just constructing homes. We are your ideal partner for a diverse range of home projects, including crafting luxurious pools tailored to your style. Our proficiency in interior design breathes life and functionality into any space. We also specialize in creating stunning window installations, designing inviting patios, and sculpting breathtaking landscapes. Whether it’s a custom pool, a major build, or a specific home improvement, our team is equipped to handle your needs with the same level of luxury and precision that defines our homes.


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